Last Day as an Eleven Month Old

Wednesday, May 14

 (This photo is not at all related, but that's ok. My two boys are checking out the neighbor dogs. Clothing optional.)

I don't understand how, but I'm pretty sure that babies understand when their birthday is coming. I mean, how else can you explain the overnight changes in Clark? Last night I put a baby to bed, and this morning, I'm pretty sure I pulled an almost-toddler out of his crib. I say this not because he looks any different, but because the toddler shenanigans were in full swing this morning. 


We started our day as usual, with snuggles in bed and breakfast in the kitchen. Except that today, instead of just eating his blueberries, Clark, with his amazing pincer grasp abilities, held each individual blueberry out for Little Dog to thoroughly lick before popping it back into his own mouth. It was amazing really. Despite her vigorous attempts to eat the whole thing, Clark didn't lose a single one.  She licked it. He laughed. He put the slobbery blueberry in his mouth. 

Repeat x 25ish times. 

When we moved onto the clean-up the kitchen/playtime portion of our morning, I was suddenly (and too late) made aware that Clark knows how to unroll an entire toliet paper roll. Like...the whole thing! And I must say, I don't blame him. It does look like fun, just pulling it out and watching the roller spin and spin while you create a beautiful, white pile of fluff to lay in.

So. Cleaned up that mess and then headed to the office so I could pay the bills. What normally takes me twenty minutes took me over an hour because sir demanded to sit at the computer and pound on the keyboard. Any attempt made by me to control the keyboard and actually be productive resulted in angry cry. So I put him down, only to watch him systematically pull every single item out of the drawer of the desk, one at a time. He examined each item thoughtfully before finally looking bored and flinging it over his shoulder rather dramatically, and picking up something new. Repeat. At one point he ripped the checks out of the book (whoops), tried to stick his finger in the shredder (it's now unplugged...permanently), and finally surprised me by handing me a large pocket knife that was apparently hiding under our desk. And by the way, I have no idea where it came from. 

We left the office (bills still not paid), and went into my bathroom so I could brush my teeth. As I was doing so, I felt Clark behind me, using my legs to pull himself up. Except when he finally got to the full standing position, his head was stuck...UP MY DRESS. The poor baby was yelling and trying to get his head out of there but he got disoriented and kept head butting my butt, and he couldn't  figure it out, and quickly fell down and hit his head. Tooth brushing over. They are now at least sort of clean. (I have gum thankfully.)

This brings me to 9:00AM, when I decided the best course of action would be to just leave the house (shower or not) because we clearly needed a change in scenery. So of course we went to Trader Joes, where my boy waved like Miss America to EVERYONE for the entire 45 minutes we were there. He fake coughed for all the other customers, and waited for them to do it back. (Two people did.) Then we went to Chipotle and shared a burrito bowl and had a grand time throwing beans on the ground and looking for Little Dog to come eat them. Very confusing I suppose...

And then we came home and my baby took a three hour nap. And you'll notice that there was no morning nap in this day. It's suddenly disappeared. Tomorrow my baby turns one, and like clockwork, RIGHT ON CUE!, he's becoming a big boy.  Morning nap dropped. Acting all crazy and fun.

And I suppose maybe I should be frustrated or annoyed with all these things he did but I love it all. I love watching him change and I love how funny he is and and I'm pretty sure this next year is going to be spectacular. Maybe turning one won't be as sad as I anticipated. 

(But hopefully we don't have any more head-up-the-dress incidents.)

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  1. Meghann,

    I have told you before and I will tell you again... I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG! I still think your writing is spectacular; even if it is all about Clark. It should be:) I know we were never really that close, but I truly am a fan. Please keep the entries coming!

    Much Love
    Stuck in Ohio,
    Jen Shuttleworth<3