The Babysitter

Thursday, January 16

This past weekend, our friends Kristen and Travis came for a visit from Houston to see us and snuggle Clark and all that good stuff. It was a sort of last minute trip and I decided that we should take them to a fantastic restaurant in town that I knew they would love. EXCEPT...Clark couldn't come. He has officially reached the age where he needs to actually go to bed (in his crib) at his actual bedtime (6:30), or else he turns into the saddest baby in the world, crying inconsolably and such. It's terribly pathetic. His bedtime routine starts at 5:30 ON THE DOT with his bath, followed by bedtime stories, then snuggles, and then lights out and that's just the way it is.

So what to do?  We hired a babysitter.

It was our first time leaving him with anyone except his grandparents (which has happened exactly once since his birth, so yeah....). To say I was nervous is the understatement of the century. I was absolutely scared out of my mind, although I'm not sure of what.  I actually texted my best friend at one point and asked, "The chances of the babysitter being a psychopath are pretty slim...right?" To which she confirmed that it was indeed probably a slim chance. In any case, everyone agreed that Jared and I desperately needed a night away. I wanted to talk about things...maybe even grown up things like current events!...without looking at the baby monitor. Eat my dinner slowly instead of as fast as I can so I can take care of the baby.  Have a cocktail or three. And maybe, just MAYBE!, wear a top that goes all the way up to my neck, rendering it completely useless for nursing.


So we hired a service that several friends had recommended.  Think Babysitters Club, but with college girls.  I loved that a few days before our date, the sitter service sent us an email that told us the name of the girl that was coming, included her picture, and all of her background information--where she is from, her college major, etc--and even included her hobbies.  She looked pretty and normal so I was instantly set at ease.  Isn't that stupid, really?  Crazy people can look pretty and normal too, but whatever.

The day before our date, she called me to just confirm the times and see if I had any questions. And then, the day of our date, she showed up, and gosh...I loved her.  She IS cute and bubbly and sweet.  And she showed up with a stack of books to do homework.  She's an aspiring Kindergarden teacher.  I's amazing.  And when I told her I was nervous, she recounted all the moms that are as nervous as me, and about how they were okay in the I would be okay too.  Then she told me about her dog thats sick and about how she spent all day on the phone with her mom getting advice.  So that sealed the deal.  I mean, first of all, she loves dogs.  Secondly, she talks to her mom all the time, and as soon as she said that, I felt like it was okay.  I thought back to when I used to babysit, and I would call my mom and ask her questions or ask her what I should do about certain things.  Of course, I had to use a real land-line phone and sometimes it was busy and I had to call several times (WHAT?) but still.  And even though I don't know her mom at all, it made me feel better that this girl had a nice mom on standby in Katy, TX, that would answer any questions she might have about Clark (but not want to ask me).  I even started picturing her mom.  In my imagination she's 5'6", just a little fluffy, and has a nice blonde bob.  With bangs.  And she wears classy button up shirts with the collar popped and slim black pants.  And lots of Silpada. 

Who's crazy now?

So ANYWAY, she held Clark for a bit, I put him to bed, and then we went out.  The babysitter texted me about an hour later and said Clark had woken up, she gave him a bottle, and had put him back to sleep. She sent me a picture of him sleeping on the baby monitor.  And THEN, I had a lovely relaxing night out.  I ate my dinner slowly and even drank two cocktails.  Oh, and my dress most definitely came neck high.  It was amazing.

And now, we are going out again Friday.  Same babysitter.  I'm giddy with excitement.

And in conclusion...


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  1. You know how I feel, but I'll say it again...I'm so excited for you that you made the big step! :)